5 Awesome Places With Little Distraction To Do SEO

5 Awesome Places With Little Distraction To Do SEO

We all know that when you are working on SEO, you need a quiet place to work. You can’t be filled with distractions. Its a very detailed oriented practice that rivals deep yoga classes. I have found that when I am working away from my home office, it usually falls around lunchtime. I like to work out of my home office late into the night. The life of a SEO entrepreneur involves adapting to your surroundings.

Let me explain to you the 5 areas where you should be working on SEO when you aren’t in your home office.

1. City Public Library

This is my favorite place to do work. As I am writing this article, I am at the Newport Beach Public Library. Libraries are free wifi! I just found this out last year. And the best part about this is you are working at a place where there is little sound! Libraries are meant for study and work. The city you live in pays for these remarkable buildings and wants you to use them. So get out of your local Starbucks, where you look like a weirdo in the corner on a desktop and go to your nearest library.

2. Panera Bread

I love going to Panera Bread when I want a nice meal and a quiet place to work. The vibe in Panera, with its soothing design, gives the feeling of tranquility. You can sit there for a good hour and get the stuff you want done. People usually keep their chatter down to a minimum and you don’t need to worry about getting kicked out because you are a paid customer!

3. Client’s Office

You would think that if you post up shop at a clients office that they would be bugging you for work? Well, think again. Most all of my clients are in the field working 75% of the day. So who is their to run the office. Usually no one. So why not use their good real estate for your working needs. You also can show them that you do exist and are actively working on their SEO campaigns. Its a win win situation.

4. Local Independent Coffee Shop

Now we all know that Starbucks is the hot spot for working professionals. The problem is Starbucks is ALWAYS packed with members of the community getting together to socialize. This can cause huge distractions. Thats why I like the smaller local coffee shops. They usually have a great vibe and have free wi-fi. You can find me working out of my local coffee shops on a weekly basis. My favorite local coffee shop is Hidden House in San Juan Capistrano. ( brother is partial owner) ;).

5. Community College Campus

Lastly, community colleges are great for studying and also working. Yes, you need a student id# to get access to their wifi, but you can easily sign up for their school and get the number within one hour. You can work anywhere amongst the campus and work amongst students who are cramming for the exams. A great place to get stuff done!

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